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electronic drum kits pack

for Logic Pro X - ULTRABEAT

The Ultrabeat Electronic Drum Kit pack is a collection of 20 drum kits specially designed for Ultrabeat, the drum and percussion synthesizer/sampler in Logic Pro X by Apple.

Every kit consists out of two full drum sets and a monophonic synthesizer. A drum set, of which there are 40 in total, contains 12 electronic drum and percussion sounds like kicks, snares, toms, claps, hihats and others. Every sound is tailor-made and mapped to the individual sub outputs if you run Ultrabeat as a multi-instrument.

All of the 500 drum and percussion sounds in this collection are velocity sensitive and therefor highly dynamic. Some of the monophonic synthesizer sounds the velocity is mapped to the filter cut-off for extra character. The hihats in this collection are all mapped to there own group so you can choke them like on traditional drum machines. The Logic Pro X project which is featured in our demo video below is included.

The kits are designed for the creation of dance music like techno, house, disco, synth pop, new wave, electro, triphop, trap, hiphop e.a. but don’t let that stop you to use it in your genre of choice.


  • 500 brand new sounds
  • Designed for Ultrabeat - Logic Pro X
  • Low price
  • 20 Kits
  • 20 monophonic synths
  • All sounds mapped to sub-outputs
  • Demo Logic Pro X session included
  • 40 drum patterns included as a Logic Pro session
  • Designed for Ultrabeat - Mainstage
  • Easy install
  • 40 full drum sets
  • Hihats grouped (choke)
  • All sounds velocity sensitve
  • Ideal for a wide range of electronic dance music

€25,- incl. VAT



Logic Pro X or Main Stage 3

Retro Synth (included with Logic Pro X and/or Main Stage

100 mb harddisk space

Mac only

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