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Akai AX-73 & VX-90

100 patches

We are proud to present our 100 brand new presets for the Akai AX-73 & Akai VX-90. These vintage synthesizers from 1986 are true classic analog synthesizers with a very special character. Underestimated by many, but the true connoisseur knows what these beautiful sounding synths can do. Both synths have VCOs and analog 24dB lowpass filter. Unique is the PWM that can be used on any waveform of the VCO creating all kinds of sonic flavours.

Many late 80's synthesizers suffered from the lack of knobs and sliders to program sounds. This resulted in the end users often not being able to understand the synths properly. Designing usable sound patches was therefore a challenge. This also applies to the Akai AX-73 & Akai VX-90.

Sonic Freaks has therefore designed 100 very useful and modern sounding patches. These patches are fully compatible with the Tauntek firmware upgrade for the Akai AX-73 & Akai VX-90 and can, provided this upgrade has been performed, be loaded into the synth using a sysex dump.

Also included is a high resolution tape dump (44Khz - 24Bit) which you can be loaded into the Akai AX-73 or Akai VX-90 using a traditional tape dump. For more details, please read the installation instructions!


  • 100 brand new presets
  • Presets take full advantage of all features
  • Your Akai will sound like a modern synth
  • Easy to install
  • Low price
  • Compatible with Tauntek firmware upgrade
  • High quality tape dump included (44Khz - 24Bit)
  • Sysex file included
  • Small and fast download
  • Great for all kinds of electronic music genres

€25,- incl. VAT

Demo video's



Akai AX-73 or Akai VX-90

When using the sysex file you need the Tauntek firmware update. Also you will need a computer with midi interface for transfer of the sysex file. Please refer to our installation instructions.

SysEx software (We recommend for Mac users SysEx Librarian by Snoize or for PC users Midi-OX. Both are free.)

When using the tape dump file you will need either a DAW capable of playing audio files (44.1Khz - 24 Bit) or a audio player. Please refer to our installation instructions.

Installation Instructions
Download Instructions
Download Instructions