€30,- incl. VAT

the MINI sampled

sample pack for Ableton Live / sample library for Logic Pro X

The MINI sampled is a sample pack or sample library based on the most famous synthesizer of all time: The Minimoog Model D.

We have captured its rich and beautiful tone and created 105 "ready to play" presets of which the majority can even be played polyphonic.

To record our own Minimoog Model D we used the Universal Audio 4-710D tube preamp to add even more warmth to its sound. Instead of recording only a few notes from the Minimoog we mostly recorded all notes in all its detail.

We have captured the rawness of the Minimoog. Do not expect a polished sound which you can get with any kind of plugin. We wanted the quirkiness and awesomeness of the Minimoog reflecting in this sample library and we think we succeeded.

*Minimoog Model D is a trademark by Moog Music Inc.


  • 105 presets (multi samples).
  • High quality recorded samples
  • Designed for Logic Pro X - Sampler, EXS24 and Alchemy
  • Designed for Ableton Live - Sampler
  • 21 Bass & Pluck sounds
  • 11 Chord sounds
  • 6 Clean sounds
  • Easy install
  • A total of 2983 samples
  • Polyphonic where necessary
  • Designed for Mainstage3 - Sampler, EXS24 and Alchemy
  • 22 Pad sounds
  • 15 String sounds
  • 15 Synth & Key sounds
  • 15 Lead sounds
  • Low price

€30,- incl. VAT






EXS24 or Sampler version
Logic Pro X (Mac only)
MainStage 3 (Mac only)
2.4 GB harddisk space to store samples

Ableton Live version
Ableton Live 9 or higher (Mac or PC)
2.4 GB harddisk space to store samples

Installation Instructions
Download Instructions
Download Instructions

  • What is your relationship with Moog Music?

    Sonic Freaks is in no way affiliated with Moog Music.

    We do love their products.

  • Will there be a NI Kontakt version of The MINI sampled?

    Yes, however this may take a while. I want to create a nice user interface and some extra features so please be patience.

  • Do I need Logic Pro X and MainStage to run the EXS24 presets?

    No, you only need either one of them. However the MINI sampled presets can and may be used in both programs.

  • Are all presets multi sampled?

    Yes, all presets use multi samples. Sometimes per key a different sample and sometimes per 5 notes.

    Some presets have even velocity layers with different samples

    In total this library contains 2983 samples.

  • Do the EXS24 and Ableton Live presets sound exactly the same?

    Yes and No. Yes because a large portion of the presets do not use the build-in filters, distortion, EG's, LFO's e.a. and what you hear is just the raw sound of the Minimoog.

    No because some presets will use the build-in filters, distortion, EG's, LFO's e.a. and therefore may sound different from library to library. Because both samplers (EXS24 & SAMPLER) have different characteristics and behaviour of their parameters it is difficult and sometimes impossible to match the presets exactly. However, you will find that the majority will sound alike.

  • Are the samples looped in this library?

    No. We wanted to create a library that captures the raw sound of the minimoog. If samples were looped it wasn't raw anymore. Most samples are ±10 seconds long.

  • For which instrument in Ableton Live is this sample library?

    It is tailor-made for SAMPLER and uses specific features found in SAMPLER. However, you always can use single samples from the library in for example Drum Rack or SIMPLER.