Waldorf M

Presets for the Waldorf M

We are proud to present our two new preset libraries for the Waldorf M. The first are 64 CLASSIC presets from our original Waldorf Microwave presets that we have accurately converted to the Waldorf M. Expect the same beautiful strings, evolving pads, fat bass and crystal clear bells from our Waldorf Microwave Library.
For the second library we designed 64 MODERN presets that take advantage of the new features of the Waldorf M. This library also contains beautiful strings, evolving pads with beautiful textures and details, subtle and extreme pluck sounds, basses, leads, bells and much more. Also note the new sounds that use the digital filter derived from the Waldorf XT.
We also combined these two libraries into one big library of 128 presets called COMPLETE and is available with 20% discount.

The Waldorf M is a direct descendant of the 1989 Waldorf Microwave. It has the identical architecture inside and also sounds like a Waldorf Microwave. The M uses 2 wavetable oscillators that pass through an analog filter and analog VCA. Characteristic of the Waldorf Microwave and M is the scrolling through wavetables, which has a unique and distinctive sound. This synthesis technique was once designed by Wolfgang Palm, known for the PPG Wave series.
Unfortunately, the Waldorf Microwave had no knobs to adjust the sound, making it quite a task to design sounds for the Waldorf Microwave. The Waldorf M, on the other hand, has an abundance of rotary knobs making it a real pleasure to design sounds on. So we really enjoyed designing these two preset libraries.

We like to thank Waldorf Music and especially Vladimir for providing us with a Waldorf M so we could convert and design these libraries.

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  • waldorf m synth presets 2
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  • 64 presets from our Waldorf Microwave
  • All presets carefully converted
  • Ready to Play
  • Great sounds
  • Beautiful Strings
  • Wonderful Pads

€25,- incl. VAT

  • 64 Brand New presets
  • Features the new Sound Possibilities
  • Great Sounds
  • Lovely Evolving Textures
  • Very Expressive
  • Divers Collection Of Sounds

€25,- incl. VAT

Complete 20% DISCOUNT
  • Classic + Modern included
  • 128 presets in total
  • 20% discount
  • Easy to install
  • All The Great Sounds
  • Great Deal

€42,- incl. VAT

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Waldorf M with firmware 1.06 or higher

Compatible SD card

Computer with SD card reader for installation

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