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Prophet 600 GliGli presets collection

for the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 with gligli mod

The Prophet 600 gligli presets collection is a custom designed set of presets which takes full advantage of the new features the gligli mod offers. The gligli mod takes the Prophet 600 into the 21st century and can easily compete sound-wise with modern synths.

In this collection you will find snappy basses and percussive sounds due to the new very fast envelop generators. The new LFO shapes enables the Prophet 600 to create beautiful evolving pad and string sounds and there are many in this collection.

The gligli mod also let you play the Prophet 600 with a velocity sensitive midi keyboard or DAW. The Prophet now becomes a very expressive synthesizer which offers a whole lot of new possibilities. A lot of the presets in this collection make use of these new expressive features.

The Prophet 600 gligli presets collection is great for every Prophet 600 gligli owner. The sounds are completely different from presets you will find anywhere online for the Prophet 600. Our presets are very modern, vintage, expressive and fun to play and to create music with. A great set of presets for creating electro, techno, synth pop, synth wave, hip hop, pop and much more.


  • Presets take full advantage of the GliGli Mod
  • 100 brand new presets
  • Easy to install
  • Low price
  • Snappy bass sounds
  • Percussive pluck sounds
  • Your Prophet 600 will sound like a new synth
  • Velocity sensitive presets (via midi)
  • Small and fast download
  • Cool brass sounds
  • Extreme modulated pads
  • Filter overdriven sounds

€25,- incl. VAT

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Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 with gligli mod

Firmware version 2.0 of the gligli mod (available here)

SysEx software (We recommend for Mac users SysEx Librarian by Snoize or for PC users Midi-OX. Both are free.)

Computer with midi interface for installation

Installation Instructions
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Download Instructions