Original Model D Drums

sample pack


for software and hardware samplers and all DAWs

We have created 229 electronic drum sounds with our Minimoog MODEL D synth and bundled them in a nice sample pack.

And best of all....its free. Just add it to your shopping cart, fill in your details and we email you the download link.

We hope you enjoy the sounds and make some great music with it.

*Minimoog Model D is a registered trade marks by Moog Music Inc.


  • Free
  • 229 Samples in total
  • 21 kicks
  • 20 snares
  • 26 toms
  • 21 rimshots
  • Compatible with all major DAWs.
  • Small download
  • All samples mono 44.1Khz 24Bit
  • 18 cymbals/hh
  • 23 metal/bell
  • 37 hits
  • 63 fx
  • Compatible with all modern hardware samplers




Mac or PC


Software sampler

Hardware sampler

Installation Instructions


  • What is your relationship with Moog Music?

    Sonic Freaks is in no way affiliated with Moog Music.

    However, we do love their products.

  • Why do you need so much information from me for this free product?

    We don't need all your details, just your email address so that we can send you the download link. Unfortunately, our webshop does not allow us to set other criteria for a free product. So you can place bogus info in the entry fields if you don't want to share your data.

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