€30,- incl. VAT

Cluster Flux Editor

for the Moog MF-108m Mooger Fooger Cluster Flux

The Cluster Flux Editor is an editor software for the Moog™ Cluster Flux MF-108m pedal. The Cluster Flux is a flange/chorus pedal with a lot of hidden features under its hood. None of these hidden features are accessible via the controls on the pedal. You can only access them via midi. When using a DAW of midi controller this can be a challenge to say the least.

We have created the Cluster Flux Editor to control all parameters and features of the Cluster Flux including all the hidden ones. With our editor you will discover a whole new set of parameters and sound possibilities. For example, It is now possible to simply enable the LFO sync mode and select a suitable clock division.

Controlling the delay time via note number or pitch bender is now very easy to setup and extremely fun to play with. You can even change the delay multiplier to create lo-fi and gritty delay's which have a whole lot of character.

And last but not least we added a preset system so you can store your favourite settings and recall them later. By sending program changes out of your DAW to the editor you can automate recalling presets for all your songs you are working on. We have also included 30 presets for the Cluster Flux Editor to get you on your way.

*Moog is a registered trade mark by Moog Music Inc.


  • 100 preset slots
  • Control all hidden parameters
  • Parameters recordable into DAW
  • Backup presets to your computer
  • High resolution dials
  • Help on hover parameters
  • 30 included presets
  • Control all front panel parameters
  • Midi monitor
  • Midi tap tempo
  • Midi Program Changes
  • Make your Cluster Flux a glitchy delay

€30,- incl. VAT

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Mac only (no PC version)

Mac computer running macOS 10.11.6 or higher. Big Sur not supported yet.

Moog MoogerFooger Cluster Flux MF108m (firmware 1.0.4)

Midi interface and midi cable

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